Newport Aquarium

NewportAquariumTunnelGroup2Last post about my Cincy trip, but had one more tale to relate.  On Saturday night, the wife and I attended the wedding of a friend who had her service and reception at the Newport Aquarium. I can honestly say that having never been to an aquarium before, I am now completely spoiled by the experience!

Newport Aquarium is an amazing place & we had it all to ourselves.  While at first it might seem like an unlikely venue for a wedding, it actually fits the bill nicely when you see it decorated & how well the layout works for such an event.  Plus I thought it was very, very cool to be able to walk the halls at your leisure, peering out from the glass enclosed tunnels to feel like you’re actually swimming with the sharks.  Not sure I would want to go back during ‘regular’ hours and fight the crowds, now that I’ve seen how calming & beautiful it can be when practically empty.

We spent time in the Frog Bog, the Gator Bajou, watched the surreal new Jellyfish exhibit (backlit, very cool!) and even got to pet a few sharks.  I’m happy to say all my fingers are still intact.  Unfortunately, the penguins were all asleep so didn’t get to watch their antics but plenty of other critters were wide awake, there was no lack of flora & fauna to check out.

All in all, a very memorable evening & a highly recommended destination if you’re ever in the area.

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