Dr. Feelgood’s Bar & Grill

This Saturday, if you happen to be lucky enough to be in the Clematis Street area of West Palm Beach, Florida – you can catch the grand opening of Dr. Feelgood’s Bar & Grill, whose owner is none other than Vince Neil of Motley Crue.   With the recent success of ‘The Heroin Diaries’, wonder if Nikki Sixx is kicking himself for not thinking of this first – after all, he wrote the lyrics to the song. 

Blabbermouth.net is reporting that the bar boasts snakeskin seats, a stage, Neil’s guitars, Harleys and platinum albums everywhere and oh yeah . . . an eight foot snake.  Here’s hoping that it’s stuffed and not looking to gobble up drunken headbangers. 

“Your first impression is yeah, this is a rock and roll joint” says Neil.

The original article at WPTV.com, from which Blabbermouth refers, goes on to discuss the ‘thousands of dollars’ Neil has reportedly sunk into this project and how it is part of a revitalization of that area of downtown West Palm Beach.  “It actually was the perfect opportunity to do something, we’ve talking about doing something for the last two years in South Florida and this came up, perfect, let’s do it” says Neil.  And yes, that’s the exact quote, not a mistype.  Not sure who was drunker, Neil or the reporter from WPTV.com

Anyhow, Neil will be performing that night along with an opening act, show starting around 730pm so if you’ve a penchant, head on down.  It should be over the top. 

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2 Responses to “Dr. Feelgood’s Bar & Grill”

  1. Paul says:

    Dr. Feelgood’s is a cool place to hang out. So far my friends and I have been there once just after the grand opening and again for the Moonfest Halloween street party.

    It’s nice how the DJ plays a mix of rock songs and popular hip hop.

  2. RevMortis says:

    I’m dying to check it out – but seeing as how I live in Ohio, it won’t be anytime soon.

    Thanks for the info!

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