On Tour

And when I say ‘On Tour’, I mean me, not any band in particular. At least that’s it feels like with back-to-back concerts this week. Tonight is Butthole Surfers, which should be interesting to say the least. They’re legendary & pretty much a ‘must see’ in my book (since I never have up to this point). I’ll let you know what I think later on this week.

Tomorrow night is All That Remains & Lacuna Coil. Both shows are at the Newport Music Hall, so I should be pretty familiar with security by Wednesday. Not that I get into much trouble these days . . . but back in the day you had to know your security personnel to avoid a ‘situation’. Guess old habits die hard.

Wednesday night is Hanson. KIDDING. Well, not really – they ARE playing here but I’m sure as hell not attending. That’s a mean moshpit, at those Hanson shows (damn elbow throwing tweens).

Oh, and go rent ‘Trick R’ Treat’ while I’m out. It’s awesome! Hometown boy from Columbus penned/directed a really good (albeit bloody) Halloween flick.

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