Now You Can Tweet Your Sins

Mediapost – From the “This Should End Well” category comes an article about a new contest being sponsored by the MGM Grand (y’know, in Vegas?) where users are invited to Tweet their sins via Twitter.  Each day for the duration of the campaign, the hotel will choose one random winner to receive a free nights stay.

So my question is – what if someone tweets a felony?   “Hi, my name is Harold and I just killed my wife?”.  Now technically, shouldn’t Harold win? I mean, that’s a pretty damn big sin, isn’t it? Ok, ok – the winners are chosen “randomly”.  Which is bullshit-ese for saying we’re gonna screen out pedos, serial killers and florists from ever possibly winning this contest. Which is fine except for the serial killer part – hey, they do a service right? They help sell guns and home security systems.  I digress. . .

In all seriousness, this smacks of a promotion that while sounding brilliant on paper, has all the potential of nitro in a blubber factory of blowing up in MGM’s face.  Did I mention they’ll be beaming selected sins on the sides of various high profile buildings like the Staples Center and Nokia Theater?  Yeah, so even if totally unrelated to the actual sinner, innocent passerby’s could become convinced a given sin was about them.  Innocent, UNSTABLE passerby’s, that is.

I’m not sayin’. . . I’m just sayin’. . .  (Still a clever contest tho).

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