Funeral for a Cat

So, yesterday was a tough one.  My family and I had to put down one of our Siamese cats as he had kidney failure and was in a great deal of pain.  We have 3 Siamese – 2 blue points (which look kinda blue-grey if you’re unfamiliar with the breed) and a seal point (dark brown – what you typically think of when you visualize a Siamese cat).  The seal point was named Diablo – came with the name thank you - and is the one we had to put to sleep.

Now, I’m not one to get overly emotional about animals.  I grew up on farmland and the average life expectancy of an outdoor cat was about 3 years.   We went thru many pets due to the heavily traveled road near our house, so I’ve buried a few in my day.  

For my own kids, I wasn’t quite as severe – all the pets live exclusively indoors.  My girls have been taught to appreciate their pets, take care of them but not to obsess.    The animals are pampered, but they’re still not quite treated as people.  I know a lot of folks feel differently, to each his own.  Nutjobs.  ;>

So after the dismal conversations my wife had had over the phone with the doc, we knew what was coming.  The cat was thin, hadn’t been eating and barely kept anything down.   Rather pathetic to look at, I must say.

We met up after work at the vet’s clinic, in the ‘rainbow’ room – which is a specially designated area for final visitation of terminally ill pets.  Not at all what I thought it would be, considering the name.  It is based on a poem (of which the doc gave us a copy) wherein you meet your pets in the afterlife, and together cross the rainbow bridge.  Kinda cheesy, but it’s a nice sentiment all the same.

I’ll spare you the sordid details of the ‘funeral’ – let’s just say there was crying and hugging and saying of ‘goodbyes’ to the poor thing.  All in all, not a very pleasent experience. 

The only good I see from it is it gives my younger girls the opportunity to experience the death of something close, without it being as severe as a family member (God willing!)  Still, it’s the kind of thing you hope to shield your kids from for as long as possible, and it sucks to lose such a loving pet.

Ah reality, you come creeping in uninvited, don’t you?

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