Obituary Release New Tour Dates – Ohio Fucked Again – One of my all time favorite bands is touring again, but not to Ohio.   I can catch them in Detroit if I wished, but then y’know how those of us in Columbus feel about Michigan destinations.  Pass.

My second bitch (if I may) is the new DVD release ‘Live Xecution – Party San 2008’.  Professional footage, remixed sound yadda yadda.  Where the HELL is ‘Cause of Death’??  ONLY THE BEST OBITUARY SONG EVER??  Dammit.

Still, this trailer fucking rules.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting everyone in this band & I can tell you they are genuine, crazy-ass muthas that have always been decent to their fans.  Plus, dude – what other band works the long haired, survivalist look like these guys??  No one, I tell ya’.  Badass.

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