Real Life Intervenes.

Reality happened again.  I’ve been unable to write the past few days due to a plethora of personal events, most notably my mother having surgery yesterday that had me sitting in a waiting room for almost 12 hours without so much as even cell phone reception.

Still, her surgery to ‘unclog’ the right carotid artery was successful and thankfully, without major incident.  It’s sad to see a parent lying helpless and weak in a hospital bed – shakes one to the soul.  That, and the effect it had on my father made for an emotional rollercoaster ride that I hadn’t really considered beforehand.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – this aging thing sucks, and I don’t recommend trying it yourself.  Of course, the alternative ain’t so hot either.  Or maybe it is . . .

Anyhow, it’d been a while since I’d last had to walk the halls of an ICU, and one forgets how depressing a place they can be.  Room after room of terribly ill people on life-support & ventilators, surrounded by concerned & tired family members who are forced to watch the worst TV reception imaginable.

I’m convinced there’s a special layer of Hell for hospital administrators who opt for a substandard cable package and third world wiring, so watching CNN seems akin to a scene from ‘White Noise’. 

The waiting room had a 500 piece puzzle (yet again, state-of-the-art tech) with no less than 5000 pieces in the box.  Apparently, somebody felt that there weren’t enough initially and made some donations.  I even was bored enough to consider attempting the beast. . .but quickly came to my senses.   Can you imagine how LONG it would take to reassemble that mess?I had flashbacks of the time I got audited.  Brrrrrr!

Glad it’s behind us and my mother’s on the mend.  Not sure what my she intends to do with the jar of debris the surgeon left for her, but she’s a shoe-in if there’s a ‘show & tell’ tournament down at the church. 

I guess doctor’s are like auto mechanics now, and they leave behind the parts you had removed?

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