Concert Review: Genitorturers – Alrosa Villa – 11/13/2010

Fourth stop in my Reverend Mortis mini-tour was the legendary Genitorturers at the Alrosa. Now a long time ago, I remember seeing an interview with Fee Waybill of The Tubes where he mentioned not wanting to compete with some of the more modern rock acts like the Genitorturers. And by compete, I mean ‘try to be crazier than’. I’ve wanted to catch a Genitorturer show ever since. It didn’t hurt that their front woman Gen is drop dead gorgeous & has been known to bring her husband along to perform (Morbid Angel bassist/vocalist David Vincent).

Sadly, no Evil D this go ’round. Instead we got Mary Magdalan as an opening act. More on that in a minute.

Of the local acts performing first, I did like ‘8 lb. Pressure’ and ‘Hour of Shame’. Both acts are clearly rock club vets as the lack of audience didn’t stop either of them from putting out professional level performances with good stage presence and tight musicality.

8 Lb. Pressure get a decent amount of radio airplay with their self styled “melodic, intense, heavy rock, groove” brand of music. I can definitely hear the Godsmack influences with songs like ‘Taking Back’ and ‘Lies’ but they definitely knew how to lay down a nice crunch.

Hour Of Shame were the last local act before Mary Magdalan desecrated the stage & had the most thoughtful set list of the night; I’ve never heard ANYONE attempt a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Closer’ – especially a band with NO KEYBOARDIST! Yep, HoS did it with only a vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist & a drummer – opened with it no less! Equally surprising was their cover of Tool’s “Aenema” – again, not something I’d ever seen attempted by mere mortals. Vocalist James has a strong presence on the stage, confident vocalizations with enough self parody to make you as the audience feel in on the joke. Very entertaining & worth catching. (They also have great taste in blogs as they’ve been known to visit us here on occasion).

Mary Magdalan were next. Originators of Hood Rock. Translation: Hip-Hop vocals alongside a DJ and a guitarist (who I’m not convinced was really even playing). Look, some folks like this stuff so to each his own, but when they started to rap over samples from ‘Crazy Train’, I had to wait out their set on the patio. I wasn’t alone, trust me. No Bueno.

Genitorturers finally saved us all with a wildly theatrical tour de force worthy of Odorus Urungus. School girls getting anally raped, blood spurting evisceration, lashings (to a slave pole center stage, no less) – now THAT’S entertainment, folks! Musically, Gen has recruited an entirely new line-up including guitarist Eric Griffin (ex-Murderdolls/Wednesday 13), drummer Sean Davidson and uber-tall & creepy Filip Abbey (ex-Psyclon 9) channeling Lurch on the bass. All of this talent served to create an awesome wall of sound that perfectly accompanied the freakshow being played out behind them (often by smokin’ hot fetish models Cait & Syn). Ladies – call me!

We of the audience weren’t many, but I think I can safely say everyone vowed to see this show again. Afterward, all band members hung out by the merch table – which incidentally was the ONLY one I’ve ever seen that had a leather/toy section.  Fee, maybe you DID have something to fear after all!

From my blood spattered copy of the set list, here is what Gen & Co. played that night;

  • Cum Junkie
  • Razor Cuts
  • Take It
  • Devil In A Bottle
  • Terrorvision
  • Liars Lair
  • One Who Feeds
  • Strip Doll
  • Touch Myself (excellently done DiVinyls cover)
  • Lecher Bitch
  • 120 Days
  • Sin city
  • Revolution
  • Public Enemy

The entire show was sadly dedicated to Dimebag, who apparently came to every Genitorturer show he could in Texas.   As Gen so succinctly put it – “we haven’t played here sooner because it was just too painful”.

Well, when they did play it was a show worthy of his honor, in my opinion.

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