A Sad Day for Guitar Fans

Yahoo is reporting that Grammy nominated guitarist Jeff Healey has died at age 41, from a lifelong battle with cancer which had left him blind since age 1.  Best known for his 1988 album “See the Light” which included the hit ‘Angel Eyes’, Healey was an amazing guitarist and vocalist – truly an inspirational musician who had shared the stage with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and George Harrison.

I remember him best not only from his hit single but also the character Cody he played in Patrick Swayze’s cult film “Roadhouse”.  He has a great quote when he tells Swayze’s character, bouncer James Dalton, about the new bar he’s just been hired to work security on.  “Man, this toilet is worse than the one we worked in Dayton”.

Seeing as how I grew up in a little town just north of Dayton, I always wondered specifically which “toilet” Cody was referring to.  I mean, there were several to choose from.   Chances are, and by process of elimination, I’d probably already been there anyways.

In other news,TMZ.com is reporting that the Van Halen tour has just been cancelled due to Eddie “having issues”.  But I’d hold on to your overpriced tickets if I were you as these rumors tend to fly fast & furious.   Wait on the official announcement.   And if it’s true, you can expect a book deal for Eddie once he works his stuff out. 

Somewhere out there, Michael Anthony is laughing his ass off.

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