Concert Review: Overkill – Newport Music Hall 11-17-2010

Last stop of what I’ve been jokingly referring to as the ‘Reverend Mortis Tour 2010’, was the Overkill headlined tour Killfest 2010. Gonna be brief for this one as the tour is over at this late date. Here’s my thoughts;

Bonded By Blood – Old fashioned Thrash Metal like you heard 20 years ago, but performed by a band whose median age is 18! Obvious Exodus & early Thrash influences made for a decent opening performance.

Ireland’s Gama Bomb followed, a Punk/Thrash crossover with a healthy dose of humor injected both lyrically & on stage. I found vocalist Philly Byrne’s falsetto screams a bit tiring after awhile, but otherwise enjoyed their set.

Evile – were next up, a promising Thrash outfit from the UK. Fast paced & melodic, they reminded me of early Metallica (vocalist Matt Drake has a similar voice to James Hetfield). Definitely a band to watch for in the future – this being their first American tour.

Bay Area legends Forbidden took the stage next, another ‘bucket list’ band that I’d always wanted to see live. They served up oldschool Thrash just like I like it – was great to hear ‘Infinite’ performed in person. Vocalist Russ Anderson is considerably heavier than he was in the 90’s, but still has the pipes, thankfully. Glad that these guys are still going strong!

Last on the bill, Overkill came out & just destroyed – as usual. Most amazingly for me, after all these years, and having seen the boys play about 6 or 7 times, I FINALLY got to hear ‘Horrorscope’ live! Unbelievable as it may seem, it was a running joke with my friends & I that whenever I went to Overkill, they didn’t play my favorite song. That streak of ill luck has finally ended. Time to buy a lotto ticket!

The band was awesome and I’ll list the songs here in a second but have to relate one last tidbit. I respect roadies; they have a tough & often thankless job. I try to always remember that, and treat them with respect whenever I meet one. HOWEVER, this time Overkill had a guy (not sure if he was just a local hire or not) that upon seeing a group of us waiting by the stage at the end of the night in hopes of free swag, held up about 4 of Derek “The Skull” Tailer’s picks, smiled and walked away with them. Dick move, dude. Like the song says, “Thanx For Nothin'”. It all ended well – another roadie saw what happened & handed me a set list. Rock on! And here it is;

  • The Green and Black
  • Rotten To The Core
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Infectious
  • Bring Me The Night
  • Hammerhead
  • Ironbound
  • Necroshine
  • Thanx For Nothin’
  • Give A Little
  • Hello From The Gutter
  • Where It Hurts
  • Oldschool
  • Horrorscope (!!)
  • Elimination
  • Fuck You/Overkill

Looks like the songs didn’t change night to night, so head over to if you want a refresher on any of those tracks.

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