Gary Holt Filling In With Slayer – Because Of Zombie Infestation – The linked article off KNAC was just too good not to comment on here. First off, how very cool that Gary Holt [Exodus] is filling in for Jeff Hanneman while Slayer continues on tour in Australia. Holt is an awesome guitarist, only wish I could see him tackle the Slaytanic catalog in person. But more interesting to me, is the REASON that Jeff Hanneman is ill.

Hanneman is home recuperating from. . . a flesh-eating virus. No, really! How very Slayer-ish, eh? Not a broken arm like a lesser band might suffer, not an accidental drug overdose. The man has a freakin’ flesh-eating virus!

KNAC goes on to state that doctors think it might be the result of a spider bite. Me, I know the truth; it’s the impending Zombie Apocalypse & Jeff Hanneman is patient zero! I can see it now, 10 months in the future, the world has deteriorated into a walking dead infestation. I survive (OF COURSE – was there any doubt?!) and travel out West where I spy a particularly familiar blond zombie. Before offing him with my 12 gauge, I toss him my Charvel (which I happen to keep handy for just such situations) & and ask him to play a few bars of ‘Seasons in the Abyss’.

Ok, so I have a demented imagination. Anyhow, get well Jeff. And here’s hoping someone posts some video of Gary Holt while he fills-in. Sweet!

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