The After-effects of Shoveling 20 Inches of Snow

Well, that snow storm I mentioned in my last post ended up being a full blown, take me back to Kansas blizzard that deposited 20 inches of snow into my driveway.  Ok, it was in EVERBODY’s driveways, but I only had to clear mine.

Roughly 5 hours later (over 2 days), I have all blacktop & sidewalks cleared – but can’t stand up straight ’cause my back muscles are on fire.  Time to renew that gym membership eh?

The good news is I should have no trouble getting to work tomorrow.  Wait – that’s the GOOD news!? 

I hate winter. . . .

2 thoughts on “The After-effects of Shoveling 20 Inches of Snow

  1. I totally missed this storm. Beat it out of town on Friday morning. Didn’t come back until Monday night. Missed the snow, missed the shovelling, missed it all. It was sunny and 50 degrees in Baltimore.

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