RIP Seth Putnam

According to Anal C**T’s publicist, and as seen on HERE, vocalist Seth Putnam apparently died of a heart attack yesterday at age 43.  Very sad news, indeed.

Despite their extremely offensive lyrics & song titles (of which many fans have always suspected were for shock effect more than anything), Putnam & AxCx showed themselves to be full of humor (albeit very dark humor), with a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude towards . . . well, just about everything.  Still, listening to their new album “Fuckin’ A”, you hear genuine musicianship marrying the staple AxCx Grindcore sound with 80’s metal riffage in a combination that is sure to surprise both fans & detractors alike.

Further down this site, you’ll see just recently I reviewed what I didn’t know at the time was one of the final AxCx shows ever.  Wish now I had actually had a chance to speak with Seth as there are few anti-rock stars that can rival him.   I completely disagreed with some of his song lyrics (‘Ha Ha Holocaust’ comes to mind) but respected his right to express himself – and the balls it took to say what he said.

Love him or hate him, we just lost a strong & unique voice in the metal community.  If I had a band, I would write a song called ‘Dying is Gay’ in tribute to Seth.  Where ever he is, I think he’d laugh his ass off over it.

Rest in peace, man.

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