Concert Review: Blast From The Past – Clays Park Resort, Aug. 19-21st 2011

Once upon a time, there was a magical campground that held within it’s borders an annual music festival called “Rock N’ Resort”. The festival was a jubilant celebration comprised of mostly older rock acts (many of whom one wouldn’t expect to still be touring), sharing the stage alongside up & coming local talent from the nearby villages. It was a 3 day affair of rocking out, drinking and debauchery – and the Reverend (& Mrs. Reverend) saw that it was good.

Then in the year 2011, the festival was cancelled because a new promoter had taken over it’s management. “Rock N’ Resort” was replaced with “Rock THE Resort”, and older rock acts gave way to younger, more mainstream talent with the obvious hope of bringing in large throngs to the sacred acres of Clay’s Resort. But yeah, there was a terrible backlash and gnashing of teeth upon the promoter by Those Who Had Come Before.

And so, in haste to appease the offended spirits (and perhaps spurred on by attendance concerns at the revamped festival), a second festival was announced although the time was short. Thus arose the lengthily named “End Of Summer Blast From The Past”, which we shall refer to as simply BftP hereafter. It was an honorable event, sporting names of yore like Pat Travers (pictured, left), The Godz, L.A. Guns, Jackyl, Blue Oyster Cult, Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night) and others.

But things were not the same. The primitive camping had been moved from next to the performance area (a mighty & ideal location, all did say) to far off in the woods or completely to the other side of the campgrounds. Food vendors were plentiful, expensive beer was readily availed, but alas – the crowds had seemingly forsaken this new festival (or simply hadn’t had time to rearrange their vacation schedules).

Forsooth, there were not many in attendance – tho Those Who Had Come Before did smile upon this occurrence & blessed it with the presence of a select few of their number (as did the Reverend & his bride). Yet, in the end, with angered merchants and disgruntled campers one fears that classic rock may ne’er return to the hallowed hills & sighing valleys of Clay’s Park.

And that my children, is the cautionary tale of the “Rock N’ Resort”.

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