Boston is Touring With Stryper’s Lead Singer

Yep, Boston has re-united and are planning to tour despite the fact that original vocalist (and classic rock legend) Brad Delp is no longer with us. Interestingly enough, in his place will be two singers; one being the relatively unknown Tommy DeCarlo who had been posting Boston covers on his Myspace page (leading to him being recruited to join the band) and the other being Stryper frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet! Surprised? Me too.

Basically this version of Boston is still mainly Tom Scholz – ok Gary Pihl is along for the ride but he wasn’t even in the band until the third album. So in essence, like so many touring bands these days – this really isn’t Boston, it’s more like a Boston tribute band. Granted, a tribute band that will sound an awful lot like the original.

Boston was supposed to be my first concert when I was young but the show sold out before I could get tickets. Eric Clapton with Muddy Waters ended up bearing the distinction (still not a shabby beginning, I’d say). So as much as I still would love to finally see Boston live, this version only reminds me of what we’ve lost. I doubt I will go – it just wouldn’t be the same.

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