The Longest Band Name in Metal

I have this theory. It’s kinda along the lines of those people who say “what if every story that can be written, HAS been written?” or “What if there are no more new songs possible?” Like all the possible variations of notes have already been recorded and now each band is just regurgitating previous material?.

Granted originality is at a premium these days and when I watch MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, I often can see why someone would ask these types of questions. Yeah, yeah – I know the odds thingy and all that. It can’t really happen (OR CAN IT? muhahaha).

But here’s MY theory; what if bands are running out of original NAMES? Think about it – in the sixties there were so many one word names (not including articles like ‘A’ or ‘The’) like Beatles, Doors, Zombies, THE Band (they went all out, eh?), Byrds, Yardbirds, Traffic, Kinks, Cream, Animals, Who, etc.

As time wears on, you don’t see as many of these one word bands. In fact, it seems to be trendy to do the opposite – Arsonists Get All the Girls, Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Blessed by a Broken Heart, The Devil Wears Prada etc. Ok, then there’s The Sword – just to totally blow my theory all to hell.

Still, it makes me wonder if there are only a few more single word names left. Soon, we’ll be talking about bands with names like “Butt Kicking Conquerors of Ultimate Metal Doom Come to Bring Destruction and Mayhem Upon You All”. That t-shirt will be thin on graphics, eh?

But for fun, aside from the bands listed above, what’s the longest named band you’ve ever heard of? I did a little search on this, actually found a post on the subject HERE.

For the record, the longest one word name I could find was for the goregrind act out of Mexico called Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis. Just don’t ask me to pronounce it. Now if I ever start a band, we’ll be called ‘R’ just to be different. Unless there’s already an ‘R’ band out there, in which case we’ll be known as the Frenchcut Daisymuffins.

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