Two Shows About Bikers in Development for Next Season

I’ve always thought there should be more TV shows about outlaw bikers, the lifestyle seeming to me to be perfect fodder for a weekly series much like the Sopranos. The last decent series I recall that was even somewhat in the same vein was Lorenzo Lamas in ‘Renegade’ (1992 – 1997). So yeah, the time would seem ripe.

Well, good news. FX has picked up the option to ‘Sons of Anarchy’, about a man in his 30’s trying to balance his involvement in a ‘club’ with that of his responsibilities as a new father. Cast members include Katey Sagal (‘Married With Children’), Scott Glenn (the notorious Wes from ‘Urban Cowboy’), Drea Dematteo (‘Sopranos’) and Sprague Grayden (‘Jericho’). Writer/Director/Producer Kurt Sutter has a blog where you see some preliminary stills and get far more detail on the storyline at THIS LOCATION.

Mr. Sutter, I’m officially stoked about your project and look forward to seeing it on FX. Let me know if you need shaggy old bloggers for extras. ;>

And speaking of FX, what a great fit for network distribution. True, it’s not HBO or Showtime but FX has shown that they’re a lot more willing to take chances than the big 4 and should be easier on the sex & violence. Check out ‘Nip/Tuck’ or ‘Dirt’ sometime if you don’t believe me.

Details are sketchier on the other biker drama headed for the small screen. ‘1%’ is in pre-production (apparently for HBO) and features W. Earl Brown (‘Deadwood’), Kevin Rankin (‘Friday Night Lights’) & Marisa Ryan (‘Major Dad’) – not quite as known a cast but it’s being written by Michael Tolkin (‘Deep Impact’) and directed by Alan Taylor (‘Sopranos’ & ‘Sex in the City’). Based on HBO’s track record and the ensemble they’ve put together, I’m hopeful for a decent series that’ll keep me subscribing to that pay network.

I’m sure that’s what they’re hoping too!

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