Victim of Changes

In the car on the way home from Tae Kwon Do practice last week, I did my usual deal of playing whatever was in my CD player for the twins as background music to our conversation.  For this day, my weapon of choice was ‘Unleashed in the East’ by Judas Priest.

I played the girls a little of ‘Green Manalishi (With the 2 Pronged Crown)’, which is one of my all-time favorites, as well as ‘The Ripper’, some of ‘Diamonds & Rust’ and then we started ‘Victim of Changes’.

At this point, Tabitha – my youngest and future riot girl, asked what the song was again.

“Victim of Changes” I said.

“Oh” she said, the wheels turning in her mind.  “I think I can DEFINITELY relate to that one”.

At that point I was kind of afraid to ask what specific changes she was being victimized by, or who’s – assuming it was a biological reference or perhaps a reminder of a recent sad break-up.  Either way, some things are better off not asked by Dad, y’know? 

Still, I couldn’t help but find it somewhat ironic of the timeless (albeit generationally unique) perspective that JP’s lyrics could instill in my young listeners.  I wonder if Rob and company have ever been confronted by their own children interpreting their songs in a different, yet very much the same, vein as they were intended?

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