Crimson Ghosts – Surf Misfits

So I don’t listen exclusively to metal. 99.9% of the time, I’m hellbent for leather. But in that other .1%? I listen to all sorts of stuff. . . psychobilly, new age, ambient, classical, avantgarde or experimental. And yeah – I like surf punk. Especially horror surf punk.

So I found this band, Crimson Ghosts the other day. All Misfits covers, all the time. But done by an instrumental surf band. WHOA! Now, in the interest of full disclosure, the band was originally called ’13 Ghosts’ (outta Boston) and played under that name for many years. Then, with some drama, ‘most’ of the members became ‘Crimson Ghosts’. Don’t wanna know the reasons, don’t really care.

Let’s just say I support what I hear and this is good stuff. So click the link and give’em a listen. You’ll swear many of those ole’ Danzig originals were meant to be heard this way.

2 thoughts on “Crimson Ghosts – Surf Misfits

  1. The only Bluegrass of any type I’m familiar with is Hayseed Dixie, the Bluegrass AC/DC cover band.

    I would be hard pressed to give an example of ‘Gothic Bluegrass’.

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