Rock School in my House

Tomorrow, the family and I will make the 2+ hour trek to Blossom Music Center to catch Iron Maiden on one of the last few shows in their North American tour.  5 Hours of driving (there and back), God knows how long waiting to actually get in and out of the amphitheater, and the luxury of paying $10 for a soft drink.  To me, it will be all be worth it.  For my kids. . . well . . . .

In preparation, tonight we had our own Rock School where I showed about 10 videos to the twins in hopes of acquainting them a little with some of Maiden’s greater hits.  ‘Number of the Beast’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘Hallowed be thy Name’ – just to name a few.  The reaction was mild interest, polite attention to my brief intros and more than one sneaky glance at a cell phone to see if a friend, ANY FRIEND, might be calling to save them.

So ok, perhaps my enthusiasm is fueled by memories of the 80’s and I don’t really see Maiden as the group of geezers they probably are in the eyes of a teenager.  Plus, the videos vintage 1983 don’t really make the impression they did back in say, 1983.  However, I think once we’re settled on the lawn, the lights go out, the amps go up and the stage extravaganza that is Iron Maiden pours forth onto the audience – I don’t think for a minute it will look dated or tired.  It will be kewl and it will be loud.  But most of all it will be true metal, which is really what it’s all about. 

I want my girls’ first concert to be something they can unashamedly talk about in 20 years, just like my own was Eric Clapton & Muddy Waters.  Was Clapton my first choice? No, and I didn’t even know who Muddy Waters was at the time, but now it’s a memory I cherish.  I can proudly say I was indoctrinated into the concert-going world in style and class, watching legends of their genres on stage at a historic venue (Cincinnati’s Riverfront Collesium – RIP).  Hopefully, I’m passing the torch to my kids the same way.  If not, screw’em – they’ve got I-pods.

Anyhow, my review will follow on Friday with (hopefully) a playlist to share.   Until then, UP THE IRONS!

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