Jagermeister’s Truth in Advertising

Over the weekend, I learned something fascinating and thought I would share it.  Many of you may have heard this before, but it was new to me.

On Saturday, I dropped off some old paint cans at the hazardous waste collection facility.  Since I was doing a lot of yard work, I was dressed in worn clothes and wearing a bandana I recently acquired at Ozzfest.  It happened to have Jagermeister logos all over it.  As I was going about my business, a lady working for the collection plant noticed my bandana and asked me what it said. 

“Is that Orange County Choppers?” she asked.

“No, Jagermeister” I replied

“Ah, Jager.  Oh Dear God!” she exclaimed.  Obviously the mere name invoked bad memories for her – perhaps involving a few shots, sailors on shore leave and a case of whipped cream canisters.

“Excuse me?” I was surprised at her reaction.

“Oh Dear God” she repeated.  “That’s what it says on every bottle.”

I wanted to just flat out say “Nuh Uh!” as I’m fairly well versed in the outer appearance of Jager bottles (having drunk a few in my day) but instead I politely inquired “Where does it say that?”

“Look at the logo” she explained.  “It starts out with a big circle, an ‘O’.  Inside of that is a stag’s head – a deer.  Above the stag’s head is a cross.  Put them together and you get O – Deer – God.  Oh Dear God.”

Jager - Liquid Chaos in a Bottle

And all this time I’d just been SAYING it after a night of drinking the stuff, usually while praying at the porcelain shrine.  Who knew!?

6 thoughts on “Jagermeister’s Truth in Advertising

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  2. The Shield Bearer

    this is interesting.However, the sphere that encircles the deer can also represent the Earth or Universe.The deer can represent secular humanity and the cross above can be interpreted as the 12 planet Nibiru, Tammuz the son on Enki (Refer to “Enki,The Annunaki and Genesis”.And the rays emminating outward can be interpreted as rays of the sun or sungod/s as Tammuz also represents..not to mention most other demi-gods.The roman catholics too the original crucifix of Christianity and bent it to form a variety of diferent crosses and staffs (including the staff of the pope which dates back to the first self proclaimed pope “Nimrod”.The popes mitre hat is in the shape of an open fish head which also represents another demi-god and so on.The cross and the sun rays shinning downward represent Satans and Illumicorp’s control over humanity.Jagermeister is just another brand that submits to these elite tyranical corporations and governments ect.Every time you type www. you are actually typing 666 as this is what www translates to using ancient texts.The energy drink “Monster” translates to the same.The M is not an M but instead 3 seperate characters that date back to the ancient scripts.I could go on and on but all you need to do is research the symbology of the US dollar and the tree of deception branches out from there.Also, the predictive programming in shows such as The Simpsons, rugrats and so on.
    Thanks for reading – J

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