Wing Zing 2008

Budweiser’s Wing Zing is becoming somewhat of a tradition here in ole’ C-bus, as for many people like myself it incorporates three really awesome things together in one event; beer, wings & rock n’ roll!   So Saturday, this is the kind of mayhem the wife and I decided to get into (that’s her pictured with the Rooster from BC Rooster’s.  The gal behind her is attempting to choke a chicken, I think).

Many area restaurants were gathered together, offering 2 wings of various sauces & styles for a buck, which allows you to sample a few different places’ all for a reasonable sum.  Then, you’re supposed to vote for your fave, or you can do what I did and forget entirely about it because you were drinking BEER and jamming to some blues.  Hey, I’m just bein’ honest.

Anyhow, this year’s event was headlined by REO Speedwagon, but also included two my of fav local Blues acts – The Willie Phoenix Band and Scotty Bratcher.  

Willie Phoenix’s set is one part 70’s rock, one part electrified blues – heavy on improvised solos and complete craziness as he gets into his show.  Never quite sure what he will play, what he will do, and neither is security (as they found when he jumped out into the crowd).  Good times!

Scotty Bratcher is also quickly becoming a must-see for me and this show was no exception.  I was starving but couldn’t pull myself away from his jammin’ set to go get any food (fortunately, the beer stand was close by or we could have had a code blue emergency).   Check out his Myspace page at the link, and take a listen if you’re interested.  I recommend ‘Ready for Rain’.

Chris Duarte was next – a more jazz-centric Bluesman out of Texas.  Although his style doesn’t strike as much a chord with me as some of the other acts, he definitely has an enthusiastic fanbase that came out to see him. 

And then of course there was REO Speedwagon, who fortunately spaced out their 80’s ballads and infused some more upbeat rockers in between.  The crowd was almost capacity at this point, which surprised me – I’m not gonna lie.  But Kevin Cronin & co. have aged well and know what their fans wanna hear, so we got all the hits including ‘Back on the Road’ ,’Take it on the Run’ & ‘Ridin’ the Storm Out’.  Yeah, and then those ballads of which we will not speak.  The wife was pleased. . .so let’s leave it at that, shall we?

It was a fun festival and I had a great time indeed.  Next up (yes, ANOTHER one!) I’m headed to Cincy for Cruefest tomorrow.  I’ll report in on Wednesday with all the . . . dirt.

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