Horror Fan Buys One Entire Showing For Movie

Fark.com – So a man in Bangalore, India bought every seat to a showing of the movie ‘Phoonk’ to disprove the director’s claims that no one could sit through the entire film alone.  Yes, he survived (DUH!).

And while I admire the “shut the hell up” attitude of the fan, I can’t help thinking how sad is his life if this is his idea of a good time.  Plus I would’ve been more impressed if he had not only sat through the movie but maintained a steady stream of lapdances from hot strippers the entire time.  I mean, if you’re gonna fly in the face of the director’s boasts, really FLY!  “Who’s scared baby, I ain’t scared baby . . . who’s the naughty girl not scared with me?  That’s right, who’s the naughty girl not scared with me??”

Ok, that was a bit disturbing.  If you wanna read the brief article, you can find it HERE

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