David T. Chastain Re-releasing First Two Albums on CD

Blabbermouth.net – Good news!  The fretmaster from Cincinnati – David T. Chastain is FINALLY releasing his first two albums with the band Chastain on CD.  Yep, for the first time ever legally (nevermind those $60 bootlegs on Ebay) “Mystery of Illusion” (1985) & “Ruler of the Wasteland” (1986) will be available on pristine compact disc – including added bonus material not originally released on vinyl.  Click the link above to read the whole story, which includes a few words from Mr. Chastain himself regarding the releases.

To me, this is awesome!  David T. Chastain has, in my humble opinion, long been an under-rated guitar pyrotechnician with a massive back catalog of work (about 50 releases under various names & projects according to Wiki !!).  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice, once opening for Kiss & once in support of the disc “Live!  Wild and Truly Dimished!!” where he played alongside another ace stringslinger – Michael Harris (who’s body of work is also impressive in it’s own right).  That collaboration evolved into one of Chastain’s many side projects – Zanister.

If you’re a guitar afficionado, especially of the progressive metal or jazz variety, I strongly urge you to check out Chastain’s work in any of it’s various incarnations.  For me, I know I’ll be ordering “Ruler of the Wasteland” as the title song haunts my brain at 3am on the occasional quiet, sleepless night.  Would be nice to hear it in it’s entirety once again.

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