Uncovering “The Secret” for myself

So if you’ve been to a bookstore or movie theater recently, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the book, now ‘documentary’ movie, “The Secret”.  I have to admit like many people it did make me curious, but I’m too cheap to actually buy the book, or go see the movie.  So I did what any good net denizen would – I went to Wikipedia.

So if Wiki is to be believed, ”The Secret” is basically a new spin on an old idea, that of the Law of Attraction.  No, this isn’t some Kentucky mandate involving shotguns and 2nd cousins, but instead an idea that sprouted up around the turn of the last century that says, in a nutshell, if you wish hard enough for something, the laws of the Universe (i.e. God) will send it to you.  I’m brutally paraphrasing, but you get the jist.

Now, having been down this road once before with the ending of Peter Pan (and we DID manage save Tinkerbell, thank you very much) I am a bit skeptical of something that seems to be overly simplified, and too good to be true.  I mean, certainly no one would ever lose a loved one due to illness or prolonged injury if this Law of Attraction were that simple to invoke.  Fatalities of housepets would probably plummet as well.  I fail to see how this is a ‘secret’.  My Mom would call it “wishful thinking”.  And then I might get a slap to the head.

Regardless, ‘The Secret’ definitely puts a materialistic tint on things as you’re supposed to wish for power, love, money – so ok, I’ll play along.  And mind you, before I go any further, this is NOT a plea for money.  I can ALWAYS use money so no need to make a special plea for it.  If you want to send me money, you go right ahead.  But that’s not why I’m writing this article.

I read this week where the X-files entire series on DVD will be re-released as a box set on Nov. 6, so I decided this will be my experiment.  I will wish daily to either acquire the cash, or the box set, of the “Ultimate X-Files” DVD box set.  I will visualize owning it in my mind, positively promote the idea in my conciousness, basically move forward as if I’d already ordered the damn thing.  Heck, I’ll even start re-daydreaming about banging Dana Scully again! 

My understanding is this is how it’s done.   You’ve gotta believe that it will happen and maintain a positive outlook.  Perhaps that’s the secret part. . .in that it takes so much WORK to acquire something for free, that you end up just charging it to a credit card instead.

Anyhow, I will give a monthly update on my progress with this endeavor.  And oh yeah, I’ll actually try to save the cash up in the meantime too!  I mean, God wants me to help myself right? 

Wonder if that means I should go to the horsetrack this weekend?  Y’know, to give “The Secret” a chance. . . I’d hate to disappoint anybody.

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