Faith Hill, Tim’s balls & What’s the big deal?

Ok, this is old news, but I STILL find humor in all of it.  You’ve probably heard by now about how a fan tried to grab Tim McGraw’s crotch while he was on stage in Lafayette, Louisiana and how Faith Hill came out and gave the young lady a piece of her mind.  “Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend” she scolded the fan.  “You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s, somebody’s husband’s BALLS, you understand me?  Very disrepectful!”.

As I watched, and re-watched this video on YouTube (I HAD to – Faith Hill said BALLS!?! HOT, HOT, HOT) I couldn’t help but think that this would never have been an issue if the show had been for a heavy metal band.  Or Punk. 

If this had happened at say, a Crue show, the fan would’ve probably been invited backstage and allowed to caress balls to her heart’s content.  If this had happened at an Agnostic Front show, no one would’ve noticed because 57 other fans would’ve been onstage at the same time.  If this had happened at a Slayer show, the fan would be dead – stomped by the moshpit she was standing in.  And God forbid if this had happened at a GWAR show. . .well, she’d have been eaten alive.

Nonetheless, who knew that Faith had it in her to use that kind of language?  I have the vapors just thinking about it . . . .

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