Goodbye Spam! Hello new users!!

I wrote a blog article a few weeks ago announcing the removal of banner ads and the fact that my RSS feeds were now fixed.  Apparently, somewhere in that brief monologue I accidently spelled out the ancient, forbidden rite invoking the SPAM demons, because I’ve had a bit of an infestation ever since then.  Always attracted to that one article.

 So, like any good Blog-God, I turned off open access to comments bla. . .bla. . ., you’ve probably heard all of this already.  Well, the good news is we’re now infestation free.  The bad news is we’re also pretty much discussion free.  Not that I blame anyone, I don’t like to sign-up for anything unless it promises a free Xbox or something.

But fear not, loyal readers!  Signing up is free, and easy (kind of like me. . .just kidding honey!) and I promise not to sell your email address to roving bands of cyber-gypsies who wish to use it for soliciting investments opportunities in Seychelles.  And no, you don’t have to agree with anything I say – vocal critics are just as much fun as those that agree with me.  Just stupider.

Anyhow, enough begging.   I just wanted to set the record straight as my last post seemed a bit over-the-top.  Ok, not as over-the-top as I’d wish, but it did force me to use some. . . gasp. . . foul language.

And I don’t usually cuss. . . goddammit.

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