Lars Ulrich on Iron Maiden & Cliff Burton & Some Other Stuff – There was a time when I equated anything Lars Ulrich said to ‘Mangina’. That being said, Blabbermouth has posted excerpts (at the link) to an excellent interview by Tom Trakas of ‘None But My Own‘ blog which doesn’t make me wanna kill Mr. Ulrich with my bare hands.  In fact, he comes off articulate and a little more real than in days past.  Plus he totally offers respect to the mighty Iron Maiden & the sadly missed Cliff Burton.

Best quote is in the final lines of the interview;

I still have twenty-five, unopened “$5.98 Garage Days…” in the original long boxes, still shrink wrapped, so when the whole thing falls flat on its face, I can start eBay-ing those!

With the those boys seeing sales of 6 million or so in one week, I somehow doubt that those CD’s will end up on Ebay anytime soon.  I KNEW I should’ve grabbed one when it was just $5.98.

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