The Misfits – Alrosa Villa, Columbus OH 10/10/08

Caught up with Jerry Only & the boys last Friday.  Two things mark Halloween in my book – a Misfits show and seeing GWAR.  One down, one to go.

Originally The Misfits were to be included on the Motorhead etc. bill that passed through about 2 weeks ago, but due to some “misunderstandings”, Jerry & crew dropped off with Motorhead and started touring solo again.

No offense Lemmy, but that was your loss.  The Misfits sound as good as ever (in the version 2.0 kinda way), even with virtually the same setlist as last I saw them.  Hey, the classics are the classics.  Highlights include Halloween, Attitude, London Dungeon, We are 138, Forbidden Zone, American Psycho, Dig Up Her Bones (a personal fav of the ole’ Rev), Skulls, Some Kind of Hate, a couple of Black Flag songs sung by Dez (Rise Above was one, I think), Last Caress, Die Die My Darling – many, many more.  I only would’ve requested a little ‘Death Comes Ripping’, but hey – that’s nitpicking now, isn’t it?

Age hasn’t slowed Mr. Only, as he blasted through this set of easily 20 + songs, leading the way with as much enthusiasm as pitbulls at a BBQ.

Robo blew out a snare at one point wherein Jerry commented to the crowd “That’s how you know we’re getting things done”, but it also forced him to sing ‘Descending Angel’ accompanied only by his own Bass.  Once Robo was back online, they REPLAYED the song with full band.  Kinda kewl to see a veteran of 30 something years adlib his way through the tough spots in a show.

Good show & great to see Jerry, Dez & Robo again.

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