KISS Election T-Shirts

In case there was any doubt as to how much of a merchandising behemoth KISS has become, I give you. . . the official KISS Election T-shirts.  Yeah, yeah – I know they’ve probably been available for a while.  What can I say, I don’t hang out on the KISS merch page all that often.

Still, these might be worth ordering from a pure collectability standpoint.  First off, with such a historic election (first African American candidate, first Republican female VP candidate etc. etc.), ANY memorabilia is likely to become more valuable down the road.  But make it KISS memorabilia – fugitaboutit.

Kinda surprised that both the candidates are shown in Paul Stanley’s Starchild makeup however.  Depending on who you talk to, I think there’s a convincing arguement for either candidate to instead be in Gene Simmon’s Demon get-up.  Or maybe the Spaceman.

Click the pic to check’em out, as well as a cubic buttload of other KISS schwag.

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