X-files: I ordered it!

A few weeks ago I posted how I was going to use the knowledge from the book “The Secret” to gain a shiny new ‘X-files: The Ultimate Collection’ boxed set from Amazon.com.  Of course, I don’t actually own “The Secret”, nor have I read it . . . or ever intend to, for that matter – but hey, I was gonna try anyhow!  That’s why they make Product Reviews, right?  Just read the highlights and off we go!

Well, friends – I’m here to tell you IT WORKED!  I placed the order today.  And you know what “The Secret” was?  I’ll bet you do.  And I’m gonna tell ya’. . .

I EARNED the damn money.  No one gave me a dime (unless you count my wife saying “Ok, Ok – buy the thing already, ya’ geek”), I saved up the cash over a 2 month period of time.   2 months, you say?  Well, hey I wanted it pretty bad but not enough to give up BEER.  That’s just crazy talk. 

Anyhow, the point is. . .unlike the “The Secret” which preaches you can sit on your ass and wish for things to come to you, I used positive visualization to get motivated, made some sacrifices, and bought the thing.  With cash, thank you very much. 

Now, would I have loved a fat million dollar check to come to me in the mail, and solve all of my financial worries?  Sure, but I’m realistic enough to know that ain’t gonna happen.  And really, I don’t want it to happen as much as I’d like to earn the money myself – but that’s just so I can be a pompous know-it-all.  Or maybe so I can waste it all on lapdances and beer.  (“Sorry kids, you can’t go to college.  Dad blew all the money on strippers.  BTW, meet your new stepmom Fontaine”)

Hey, a guy’s gotta have dreams, right?

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