Dastardly Uses for a ‘Merge Session’ button

Ok, this is lame.  I admit it – lame, lame lame.  But I can’t stop snickering over it, so I’ll share.

At work, we are equipped with many of state-of-the-art tools to better facilitate our getting work done.  Free soda, free snacks on occasion, a substandard phone system, fluorescent lighting (or in my case, a lack thereof).  One of the niftiest is a registered copy of AIM pro.  W00H00.  Nothing like getting bugged by colleagues in style!

With AIM pro, if you should receive multiple IM’s at the same time, it lines each users nick (or sessions as they’re termed) on the left side, and keeps the active conversation to the right.  By clicking each session, you can scroll thru the various conversations you might have been sucked into over a given work day.

But what I find intriguing, is at the bottom of the session list is a button marked ‘Merge Sessions’. MU-HAHAHA.  I wonder did the developers of AIM realize the potential mayhem such a fiendish button could be put to?  I mean, the possibilities are endless.

 For example, say you have two sessions going with people who don’t even know of each other’s existence, let alone having actually met one another.  Why not click the ‘merge’ button, and then hastily logoff?  How long do you suppose it will take them to realize that they don’t know anyone involved in the conversation?

“Hey, where’s Rev?  And who the hell are you?”  “Screw that, who the hell are YOU!?”

Or possibly even more fun, is if you find yourself inadvertantly moderating a dispute of some sort.  Get both parties going on IM, and then dump them onto one another.  Then leave for the day.

As I go thru my busy day at the office, I find temptation attacks me at every turn, urging me to just PRESS THE BUTTON.  Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. 

Let the blind-side communications BEGIN!!

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