Facebook Exposed to Wrath of the Breast-Feeders

Reuters – So Facebook’s anti-nudity restrictions have come under fire by mobs of angry breast feeding mommas as the popular social network started removing photos that were considered ‘obscene’ from user profiles.  By obscene, I think we mean ‘showing nipple’.  Each user was additionally threatened with account termination if the photos were re-uploaded.

Protesters argue that breast feeding is a natural act & not obscene – so it should be excluded from Facebook’s policies on pornography.  I might add that sex & defecation are also natural acts but both clearly violate Facebook’s policy (& possibly good taste), so I think the udder commission might not have much cleavage, I mean leverage, there.

On the other hand, far be it for me to say anything derogatory about breasts or the baring thereof.  Is breast feeding obscene?  Not usually, but you know how squeamish some folks are.  If it were up to me a topless shot would be MANDATORY for all female profiles – just so us guys could get an honest look at ya’.  [KIDDING – seriously, nobody wants to see me topless so why would I think like that].

Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see how this jiggles, I mean ‘shakes’ out.  [I’m such a boob].

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