Hellraiser Drinking Game

hellraiser-boxKnowing that they are releasing a remake of the 1987 classic horror film ‘Hellraiser’, I’ve been watching the entire series before it is possibly ruined further by this new entry.  Tonight’s feature was ‘Hellraiser IV: Bloodline’, the last of the series to be actually released theatrically.  I liked it – much better than the 4.4 rating is has on IMDB.com.

So a little digging and I found a Geocities website HERE that features a Hellraiser drinking game! Now that’s creative, I’ll give them that.

Rules include taking 2 drinks whenever the word ‘Frank’ is uttered and 2 more drinks whenever you hear chattering teeth. If memory serves me correctly, that’ll be a WHOLE lot of drinking already with just those two rules! The biggie is SIX drinks for Frank’s final resurrection – which means many participants might not even make it to the end of the film! Anyhow, interesting twist on an old theme.

As an aside, I’ve always thought ‘Hellraiser’ lent itself nicely to Rocky Horror-esque type shout-outs at the screen. Everytime I see Julia I want to yell “Slut” and everytime I see Larry I want to yell ‘Asshole’. Hmmm, wonder if the remake will be a musical!? Can you see it? “Let’s do the Lament Configuration AGAIN!” or “I’m just a sweet CEN – 0 -Bite!”.

Ok, maybe not. Anyhow, funny idea for a game.

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  1. Percy Rasset says:

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