Street Signs Hacked to Warn of Zombies

Information Week – A somewhat humorous series of ‘hacks’ have been happening to electronic road signs in Texas & Illinois where unwary motorists are being warned of zombie attacks and raptors.   Kids these days!

The linked article goes on to discuss the more serious repercussions of these pranks.   I, on the other hand, just think it’s kind of funny. Something I probably would’ve done in my college days.  Yeah, yeah – the legitimate road dangers will be ignored if the sign is changed but on the other hand, you just might wake some drivers up too!

You kinda have to admire the creativity employed here. It reminds me of when Burger King was advertising their Black Angus burgers, and a buddy of mine (who shall remain nameless) changed the sign on a restaurant near him to say ‘Black Anus Burgers’ instead.  Eewww, I’m thinking that might have hurt sales a bit.  Or attracted the entirely wrong clientele.

Ultimately I agree with the article.  It’s funny now – not so much when it becomes common place.  Plus, I have to admit as being disappointed because I originally read the article hoping there was in fact a zombie horder roaming somewhere out there.

I’m weird like that.

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