Bigelf – The Ravari Room, Columbus Ohio 2/13/09

bigelfI have a new band to obsess on now and it’s name is Bigelf.  A strange name, ’tis true but a worthy group of four out of L.A. who can belt out some phenomenal classic rock a la early Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, a dash of Golden Earring, King Crimson, Queen and even a smattering of Beatles.

Lead singer/keyboardist Damon Fox (pictured) stands center stage, flanked by vintage keyboards (including a Mellotron) on either side which he plays effortlessly while maintaining a carnival barker-like presence & nailing every note.  Guitarist Ace Mark accompanies on guitar with a dream setup of a 1961 Les Paul SG (yes a Les Paul – pre-Gibson) & a couple of classic Orange cabinets.  Rounding out the lineup is Duffy Snowhill on bass (who reminds me of the early days of White Zombie what with his lengthy dreds) and Froth slapping the skins.  All very cool gentlemen who patiently met every fan and signed autographs after the show.

Definitely a live act, their studio material just doesn’t capture how riveting they are on stage.  I recommend catching ‘Pain Killers’ off of Youtube (or their Myspace page HERE) for a taste of what they are capable of doing. Also really liked ‘Gravest Show on Earth’, ‘Hex’ and ‘Money, it’s Pure Evil’ but really, it’s all very, very good stuff.

I would bet a solid million dollars that Bigelf will be huge within a year – even told them as much. Believe the hype,  which they have no shortage of on the web either. Bigelf is the real deal and proof that truly classic rock bands can still be found.

Oh, and I have to give a shoutout here to my wife Lora who dragged me to the show. I would’ve totally missed it, writing them off as Psychedelic wannabees or some other such crap. Don’t you make the same mistake I almost did – catch them on tour if they come to your area. Or demand them if they aren’t currently scheduled.

You’ll thank me later.

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