Of Scantily Clad Lady Pirates & Cursing Priests

So it’s a slow news day & then I found this amusing link on Fark.com, which in turn sends one to the WNEP website who originally broke it.  This one’s a love story, I think – but you be the judge.

It would seem a sexy female pirate statue outside of an antique shop in Girardville, PA is causing a bit of a stir. . . specifically with a priest who’s taken to protesting that it be removed & on one occasion even “cursed it”.

Me thinkest he doth protest a little too much, especially with the “I’ll visit it & pray for it’s removal” line.  Uhm Father, are you praying for the statue’s removal or the statue’s CLOTHING??  And remove it to where – your place perhaps? His reciting the definition of soft-core porn doesn’t really reinforce his innocence all that much either.

And people wonder why organized religion gets such a bad name – take a cold shower, Padre. Besides, there’s one just like it up at Put-in Bay – I should know, I fondled it when I was drinking up there last summer.

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