Trent Reznor Strikes Again! – In case there was any doubt that Trent Reznor knows how to yank the internet by it’s collective fiber optics,  check out what the Nailed One twittered & posted to his site yesterday;

“Brand new FULL LENGTH NIN record available now”

Ok, phasers on ‘purchase’ until you go to the NIN site. There’s Trent. . . I think. Wait a minute – what’s with the glasses?

Reading further. . .WTF!?! Featuring Jay-Z!?! Alicia Keys!?!?! PRODUCED BY TIMBALAND!?!? OH MY GOD!!

“Wait a minute. . . it’s April Fool’s Day, isn’t it?  Son of a . . . . ”

Yep, he played us.  Well, probably not most of us – but you can bet SOMEBODY tried to order the damn CD!  Very clever, Mr. Reznor.  Hah hah.

Speaking of Twitter, yeah – I’ve turned to the darkside.  ‘Revmortis’ – add me, I need followers.  Only one so far, some guy last name of Obama.

Hey, you didn’t think he was gonna fix the economy by himself, did you?

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