Hello and welcome to the Rim of Hell. Online, I go by the nick Reverend Mortis (or RevMortis for short). Long story behind the name – and yeah, I’m fully aware that it’s kinda corny. Anyhow, I’ve been an avid music fan and concert-goer for over 30 years, and a rabid movie fan even longer. I created this website to discuss all things that interest me, which usually involves the dark, scary and loud, be it music, movies, books – whatever.

When I’m not online, which is rare, I like to spend time riding my motorcycle, collecting grimoires, knives & swords and attempting to get some writing and/or reading done. And the aforementioned loud music and horror movies! Gotta love it!!

Anyhow, I encourage you to wander amongst the various entries and feel free to comment (in reasonably acceptable language, shall we) in any area you wish. Or just drop me a line.

C’ya near the edge. . .