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Kidzboppin’ “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

I learned today that on May 15th, a new Kidzbop CD will drop – “Kidzbop Sings Monster Ballads”.   I don’t normally cruise the Kidzbop site, thank you very much -  I got a press release (so no need to alert Chris Hansen just yet). Anyhow, what’s significant about this edition of the long running & […]

Is Bret Michaels the Long Lost Son of Goldie Hawn? & – So I was checking out the article on listing the ’10 Oldest Women We’d Still Bang’. I have to say I agree with most on that list – except maybe Diane Sawyer. Too much sassy investigative journalism there. Not Good. But then I couldn’t help but notice this pic of […]

Bret Michaels – Alrosa Villa, Columbus Ohio 3/14/08

Went to this one on a last minute impulse, as a favor for my wife the week of her birthday.  The things we do for love, eh?  It was a soldout show but we still managed to get tickets thankfully – even though it was Michael’s birthday & despite the massive popularity of his show Rock […]

Rock of Love: Good thing it wasn’t Rob Zombie, Axel or Phil

So, I’m hiding out upstairs because the wife and kids are watching the “Rock of Love” reunion show downstairs.  Not that I have anything against Bret Michaels, or horny tattooed chicks in general.  Hell, I’ve actually seen Lacey’s band Nocturne in concert, but didn’t recall until I was reminded the other day. But what I CAN’T stand […]

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