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Humanity Will Never Reach It’s Potential. . . Due to Facebook

Yep, I’m pretty sure we are doomed as a human race, and it’s all Facebook’s fault.  I mean, man – what DID i do before spending an hour or more a day saving the rain forest, passing along virtual drinks to friends, sharpening up my Texas Hold-em skills and maintaining my Mafia?  I don’t know […]

Facebook Exposed to Wrath of the Breast-Feeders

Reuters – So Facebook’s anti-nudity restrictions have come under fire by mobs of angry breast feeding mommas as the popular social network started removing photos that were considered ‘obscene’ from user profiles.  By obscene, I think we mean ‘showing nipple’.  Each user was additionally threatened with account termination if the photos were re-uploaded. Protesters argue […]

A Sign of the Times

So I was walking down the hall at work today, hitting up the vending machine for a mid-afternoon shot of caffeine.  This part of the floor is fairly remote as the business offices nearby are empty for whatever reason.  A young girl (mid-20’s – that’s young to me) was on the cellphone, having one of […]

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