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Three Inches Of Blood/Skeletonwitch – Ravari Room – 4/22/2011

This marks the first time I’ve seen a truly heavy show at the Ravari Room here in Columbus, and I gotta say – I was skeptical. I mean, the stage can be hard to see depending on where you stand, and the place isn’t as large as the Alrosa or the Newport (which could be […]

Concert Review: Possessed-Marduk-Withered, Alrosa Villa 11-05-2010

Does it seem like I’ve been on tour? It does to me, but perhaps that’s because I will have been to 6 shows in a 2 week period (a personal record, I think). Mushroomhead was the first in the series, now we’re up to number #2 (as opposed to taking a #2, but I digress). […]

Locusta – S/T [Pragmatic Releases]

Seriously backlogged on CD & concert reviews so let’s play catch up, shall we? Tonight’s entry is from Locusta, an eponymous effort from this Death/Black metal outfit I reviewed as part of my Comfest post. They were incredibly tight live – was lucky enough to pick up their disk at the show (Thanks Dru!). What […]

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