Sons of Anarchy

Season 2 is starting as I write this (thank God for a DVR). So I’ll be brief; Henry Rollins as a villain? I liked the show before, but now with Hank too!? The potential is limitless – hope they don’t fuck it up.

In an interesting marriage of synergy, ‘Gangland’ on the History channel was documenting the ‘Sons of Silence’ MC over the weekend. I’m sure that was just a coincidence, right? To me, doesn’t matter. Interesting TV is interesting TV, even if there’s a little corporate sponsorship somewhere.

Crave Online has a decent interview with Mr. Rollins that’s worth checking out. As always, he ain’t who you think he is.

And with that, I’m putting on my bandanna, opening a brew and watching the show. Catch you here tomorrow night, mmk?