Evil Dead – The Musical

Made my way to the Riffe Center, Studio 2 to see a production containing two things near and dear to my heart; zombies and anything to do with H. P. Lovecraft. Being a fan of the Evil Dead movie series, I was skeptical that anyone could make a respectable production, a MUSICAL no less, out of such cherished (to me) material. But here I was, joined by my trusty pal Phil, as we ventured into a theater I’ve never been to before, to see the only musical in the world with a ‘splatter section'(which is where our seats were, of course!).

The creators of EDtM are clearly trying to cater to the Rocky Horror Picture Show aficionados – hell, the movies are already cult classics so this is a reasonable goal on their part. Upon entering the lobby, a nifty stand-up located near one entrance allowed for a little buffoonery while we waited for the doors to open. As you can tell from the picture, we availed ourselves of the opportunity. At least I wasn’t the girl. . .

Anyhow, once inside we quickly noticed our section was covered with enough plastic to make me feel like Elliot after it was discovered he had E.T. in his closet. Not only were all the chairs thoroughly covered in Saran wrap, but we were also given rain ponchos. “Wow” I thought. “this is a little unusual for the harrumphing crowd that typically comes to these productions. Bet more than one season ticket holder is PISSED.”

The production started, and away we went. And what a thrill ride it was! The first half is a tad slow, and the jokes pretty corny, but when the blood shed begins – GAME ON! The guy sitting next to me decided he wasn’t going to wear his poncho, so guess who became an instant target for every blood-spurting Deadite that crossed the stage, hmm? That’s right – and so was anyone sitting next to him! Headless cadavers, spurting limbs, exploding old lady boobs – yeah, we got hit by it all. But at the end of the day, who really cared!? I felt more sorry for the folks who WEREN’T getting any splatter action. We were having all the fun!

As for the show itself, the acting was decent and the production values (including the talking moose head and Ash’s crawling severed hand) were all very well developed.  Joe Bishara as “Ash” must have nerves of steel to go thru such an ordeal night after night, that’s all I can say.  Songs were of the old school rock n’ roll variety (again, much like Rocky Horror) but catchy & well written. I especially dug “What the F**K was that?”, “Housewares Employee”, “Blew That Bitch Away” and “All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons”. Getting an idea of how serious the material is?

By the time the lights went up, we’d laughed out loud more than few times, and hid behind our ponchos even more. But on the way home, we kept giggling over some of the dialogue and relishing the experience. So if you live near Columbus, Ohio – the show’s been extended until July 23rd. Get some tickets and check it out, but buy ahead because the theater is small & sells out often.  Come get some!

Gary Holt Filling In With Slayer – Because Of Zombie Infestation

KNAC.com – The linked article off KNAC was just too good not to comment on here. First off, how very cool that Gary Holt [Exodus] is filling in for Jeff Hanneman while Slayer continues on tour in Australia. Holt is an awesome guitarist, only wish I could see him tackle the Slaytanic catalog in person. But more interesting to me, is the REASON that Jeff Hanneman is ill.

Hanneman is home recuperating from. . . a flesh-eating virus. No, really! How very Slayer-ish, eh? Not a broken arm like a lesser band might suffer, not an accidental drug overdose. The man has a freakin’ flesh-eating virus!

KNAC goes on to state that doctors think it might be the result of a spider bite. Me, I know the truth; it’s the impending Zombie Apocalypse & Jeff Hanneman is patient zero! I can see it now, 10 months in the future, the world has deteriorated into a walking dead infestation. I survive (OF COURSE – was there any doubt?!) and travel out West where I spy a particularly familiar blond zombie. Before offing him with my 12 gauge, I toss him my Charvel (which I happen to keep handy for just such situations) & and ask him to play a few bars of ‘Seasons in the Abyss’.

Ok, so I have a demented imagination. Anyhow, get well Jeff. And here’s hoping someone posts some video of Gary Holt while he fills-in. Sweet!

$70 Zombie Film Causes Stir at Cannes

CNN.com – Saw this article on CNN & thought it worth sharing. Director Marc Price has had unexpected attention over his new film ‘Colin’, which was reportedly shot on a budget of about $70 (!!). Yeah, that’s 7 with one zero behind it.

Interesting tale but truth be told, not just anyone could accomplish this feat as Mr. Price appears to be fairly well connected with industry insiders (they used leftover makeup from ‘X-men III’, for example). So although it’s a stirring testimony to what can be accomplished with pith and resourcefulness, it’s also a bit misleading. Most of us don’t know anyone in Hollywood nor have access to big budget leftovers.

Still, anyone with that level of drive & resourcefulness SHOULD be making movies, so I’m glad to see him getting some much deserved attention. Now I just hope his movie doesn’t suck!

Zombie Pin-ups

Sometimes, there really ain’t much going on that I want to talk about. It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasion, it does happen. Today was one of those days.

So when the Blog Muse is being shy [translation – I’m out of beer], I like to play a little game designed to get the creative juices flowing. I take a few random words and toss them at Google, with a promise to myself of clicking on a least one of the first 3 results that come up. I read once that Bill Gates forces himself to read a news magazine cover to cover at least once a week, so he will always learn new things. I liken this exercise to a bizarre variation on Gates’ idea (although as you can probably guess, and unlike Master Gates, I have yet to reap any financial windfall from this pattern. Apparently I’m not really learning anything of importance when I do my version, but I digress).

Today I threw out the words ‘zombie’, always a crowd pleaser around the ole’ Rim of Hell, and the word ‘sexy’. Yeah, I went there. I expected to find a review of ‘Zombie Strippers’ from some shady blog somewhere in the top position, but I was wrong. Really wrong.

Gentlemen, I give you http://www.zombiepinups.com/. Check it out -it’s a well designed site full of downloads, art and yeah, zombie pinups.  Definitely a place that is Reverend approved!

As an aside, I’m seeing that this zombie pinup thingy is a bit of a subgenre all it’s own, as many of the lower Google results were in the same vein.  Can’t help but wonder what George Romero thinks of all this? (probably how much money he’d be making if “Night of the Living Dead” wasn’t public domain)

Zombie Garden Sculpture


Got this link from Neil Gaiman on Twitter & thought it was worth passing along – you know how much I love zombies! It’s a sculpture for your garden, which reminds me of something I’ve thought about doing on Halloween for several years. Always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of reanimated dead climbing up from our flower beds.  Even better, I could hide among the fake corpses and jump out at trick-or-treaters!  Muhahaha!!

Anyhow, if you’ve got $89.98 laying around you can pick one of these guys up HERE

Street Signs Hacked to Warn of Zombies

Information Week – A somewhat humorous series of ‘hacks’ have been happening to electronic road signs in Texas & Illinois where unwary motorists are being warned of zombie attacks and raptors.   Kids these days!

The linked article goes on to discuss the more serious repercussions of these pranks.   I, on the other hand, just think it’s kind of funny. Something I probably would’ve done in my college days.  Yeah, yeah – the legitimate road dangers will be ignored if the sign is changed but on the other hand, you just might wake some drivers up too!

You kinda have to admire the creativity employed here. It reminds me of when Burger King was advertising their Black Angus burgers, and a buddy of mine (who shall remain nameless) changed the sign on a restaurant near him to say ‘Black Anus Burgers’ instead.  Eewww, I’m thinking that might have hurt sales a bit.  Or attracted the entirely wrong clientele.

Ultimately I agree with the article.  It’s funny now – not so much when it becomes common place.  Plus, I have to admit as being disappointed because I originally read the article hoping there was in fact a zombie horder roaming somewhere out there.

I’m weird like that.


As kind of a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I found that the same parent company (Mingle2.com) has a faux sign-up page for a zombie dating service – Zombieharmony.  Mingle2 is a real dating site, so it’s good to see they take a sense of humor with themselves.

My favorite candidate is ‘Hungry Barbara’ whose interests include “gnawing & hanging out in dimly lit stairwells”.  Too bad you can’t actually sign up for anything, I did try.  Now before you protest that I’m not single remember that I only married until death do us part – I believe this would constitute a loophole seeing as how Barb is not alive.

Just kidding there honey, you know you’re the only nightmare for me!  I better go hide now. . .